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Activity Planner 2023 - 24

Date Day Activity Class
05.04.2023 Wednesday 'Abhinandan' - Welcome of Students All
13.04.2023 Thursday Ambedkar Jayanti
Slogan contest Poster Making Contest
18.04.2023 Tuesday World Heritage Day Celebration All
21.04.2023 Friday Earth Day Celebration
Collage Making COntest, Plantation
01.05.2023 Monday Labour Day Celebration All
13.05.2023 Saturday Matra Pujan On Mother's Day
Card Making Contest
Mont. - V
31.05.2023 Wednesday No Tobacco Campaign X & XII
11.07.2023 Tuesday World Population Day Celebration VI-IX
15.08.2023 Tuesday Independence Day Celebration I - VII
29.08.2023 Tuesday Rakhi Making
Competition Card Making
05.09.2023 Tuesday Teacher's Day Celebration All
06.09.2023 Wednesday Yashoda Kanha Contest Mont to V House
19.09.2023 Tuesday Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration All
07.09.2023 to 14.09.2023 Thursday to Thursday Hindi Week Celebration All
21.10.2023 Saturday Dusshera Celebration All
09.11.2023 Thursday Diwali Celebration III-VIII
23.12.2023 Saturday Christmas Day Celebration All
13.01.2024 Saturday Makar Sankranti & Lohri Celebration All
26.01.2024 Friday Republic Day/ Basant Panchami Celebration All
14.02.2024 Wednesday Basant Panchami Celebration All
23.03.2024 Saturday Holi Celebration All