Let Reading not just be confined to be a basic skill since it is also a pleasure pavement a person needs to have to succeed in life. Vitality of good Reading habit not only makes a person academically rich but it further enlarges the orbit scale of one’s values, vivacity and ventures in life. This pleasure pursuit encompasses in itself various benedictions. The propinquity to Reading leads to the enrichment of one’s magnanimity of words selection. Reading allows such an exposure to make a flowery consumption of words and phrases that might not be used as part of normal speech. Encouraging good Reading habits from an early age develops the children’s attention span and allows them to focus better and for longer periods of time. Reading does have the capacity to overcome the most entailing challenge - poor attention span in today’s children which is indeed quite essential a tool the young budding minds to keep emerging triumphant in every challenge they come across. This moves on further as the children who keep a lot of time study before they attend school will have an easier time adapting to the reading-focused learning environment in their future classrooms. They appear more confident strengthened and prepared. The sense of rejoice in such cases brings along plethora of positivity and self dependence. Early age study is truly bliss of unique sort. It will serve good to a person well throughout his education and beyond. It is even the need of the hour to make the inquisitive minds quench their eagerness and learn more about the world around them, and develop an interest in other cultures. The schools here play a key role to come up with better and effective innovations so that profound Reading Culture keeps moving on. The initiative to create more and more readers is again a prime concern for the education fraternity. The virtue of being a voracious reader is certainly a sign of prosperity and affluence in one’s life. The generation ahead is always a Role Model for the generation to come next hence it is the prime responsibility of the Teachers and parents to lead by example to root up the richness of Reading as a class apart culture.This belief if stringently held and executed can foresee the firmament of festivity bright glorious and enriched. To recall PB Shelley’s wondrous wield “THE TRUMPET OF PROPHECY, OH WIND! IF WINTER COMES CAN SPRING BE FAR BEHIND”

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