Internet Uses - How Crucial is It to Teach About It to Your Kids

Internet Uses - How Crucial is It to Teach About It to Your Kids

It is good that in modern time, there has been a new kind of teacher has been evolved to help kids and even the adults learn about quite a lot of things. There are online academies, courses, degree programs, paid and free mobile apps, and newsletters to keep us ahead in the learning curve. Without a doubt, they keep us updated. However, can they replace teachers? Of course not. Many of us fail to understand that technology is nothing but a tool that allows today’s popular to learn in a smarter, deeper, and visually better way. But they can not replace a teacher. Otherwise, the world’s biggest universities had zero attendance. Even Bill Gates once said that when it comes to learning, no one can diminish or ignore the importance of a teacher. 

From the start of 2005, a flood of technological innovation stampedes the market with such high intensity that we could not keep up. Being for kids or adults, every information in the utmost detail is now available on their fingertips. All they have to do is type a few words on their Google search bar and the pages will unfold in front of them the answers of tough questions they have always wanted to understand. Some companies are even taking the same to the next level by introducing and mixing up future techs such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality in the same. Coping up with technology, many English Medium schools in Jaipur have upgraded their way of teaching in the last few years as well. Online guest faculty sessions, whiteboards, and online test series have pretty much had become a standard. 

We can undoubtedly say that the generation of today spends a very high amount of time in front of the screen. Whether it is about social media, computer or online games, chatting with friends, scrolling through YouTube, finding a new TV series on Netflix or focusing on a tutorial to learn something new, their overall screen time has been significantly increased from the kids than that of seven to eight ago. Cyberspace of today is more crowded from the kid’s population than the real world actually is. It goes without saying that the revolution in the world of the internet has affected almost each and every sector. Whether positive or negative, every sector has been affected. 

Today is it no surprise that your kid may know your smartphone more thoroughly than you do. After all, they are twenty-first-century children. They see individuals, political discussions, education impartations all happening around them very smoothly with the help of the internet. You would be surprised to see that every classroom today has a WhatsApp group where they share thoughts, plans, and assignments. One recent study on smartphones shows that almost 55% of students are actively participating in the online world and 80% of them stay active on at least one social media platform all the time. 

The internet is putting a serious impact on our little ones’ brains. How? Because they use it for almost everything and in turn, they are becoming less and less competent in solving mathematics calculations, remembering facts and figures, and fit due to lack of wish to move from one spot to another. Twenty years back, it always felt good to hang out with friends, share experience and talk. But today, online chatrooms and food delivery apps made them unwilling to move from one place to another. Today’s kids would rather order a pizza and eat it in solitude instead of calling a few of their friends to enjoy it on the streets. This lazy lifestyle is hindering the physical and psychological growth of our kids. 

As responsible parents, it becomes our duty to regulate the time our children spend in front of screens each day. It can be done by establishing a friendly conversation with your little one instead of snatching the phone away from his hands. You need to gather up the facts and the right way to convey this to your kid and tell him smoothly than how bad it is for their mental and physical health. Now, you also need to facilitate the departure of that screened device by introducing another fun activity for example - letting them join a sports club or a music class. 

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