The Importance of ‘SWACHH BHARAT CAMPAIGN’ in Schools

The Importance of ‘SWACHH BHARAT CAMPAIGN’ in Schools

On 2nd October, 2014, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, launched a nation-wide Swachh Bharat Campaign on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary. The concept of Swachh Bharat is to provide sanitation facilities to every family, including toilets, solid and liquid waste disposal systems, village cleanliness, and safe and adequate drinking water supply. We have to achieve this by 2019 as a befitting tribute to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, on his 150th birth anniversary. Indians gained freedom under the leadership of Gandhi Ji, but his dream of a clean India is still unfulfilled. Mahatma Gandhi said "Sanitation is more important than independence". He made cleanliness and sanitation an integral part of the Gandhian way of living. The Prime Minister has called for a change in governance and attitude towards hygiene and sanitation. The pursuit of cleanliness could be an economic activity, contributing to GDP growth, a reduction in healthcare costs, and a source of employment School is a place where one can learn so many things. It helps the students to grow up into a responsible person. Every day the students spend a lot of time in school for learning and playing. Today, some school grounds are full of litter and debris that they resemble a garbage dump more than a place to play or exercise. Students should help to keep them clean and beautiful. They should be role model for others to keep cleanliness. Recycle bins must be placed at various places in schools to promote recycling of waste among students, teachers and other employees. Children in the school can be encouraged to put waste in appropriate bins so that they develop a habit of disposing of waste properly. Cleanliness, Personal hygiene, Good sanitation provides a clean school environment for the students to keep them in good health and safe. As children are the future of a nation, such type of campaign or activity will motivate students in school and will help us making the dream fulfill of Mahatma Gandhi.

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