Global Education is about developing global proficiency: the attitude, skills and learning needed to understand and participate internationally to fulfill global prospective. Specifically, students with global skills: explore their own culture. Make comparisons with other cultures and know about global issues and challenges. They develop their own understanding and learning about different culture and environment and help others to develop the same. In the process of making the students global citizen Rawat Public School, Jaipur has set a milestone after getting ISA Award, British Council for the session 2019-2022. At every proceeding of this ISA Project, children started tyo show their fascination towards festivals, culture and lifestyles of different countries. Students collected the information and enriched their knowledge by collecting the information. The students and the teachers had given their efforts by showing their learning and interest. This was a learning experience for the students and the teachers to know about different festivals, costumes and their lifestyles of chosen countries. These activities were conducted with the collaboration of international partner of the world named Bangladesh, Nepal, Qatar and Doha (Qatar). These were a time taking activities to collect informations, PPT, Feedback Forms and documentation. To enhance the knowledge and learning of the student’s school conducted the interactive sessions with the students of Partner schools with the help of internet tools. Our students interacted with the students of international schools and exchanged their experience about the activities involved. These were learning outcome activities not only for the students but also for the teachers as well. The journey has been long and strewn with barriers all the way but has certainly been an enriching experience for every member of this project. The basic motto of these ISA Activities are to exchange the culture and traditions of different countries through a channel of students learning. To build citizen for 21 century we must continuously offer such kind of dimensions to that help the students to stand globally. Global education places particular emphasis on curriculum process as well as content and is accordingly characterized by approaches to teaching and learning which are both experiential and participatory. It dreams on two long standing traditions within education. The first is concerned with learner-centered education and the development of the individual, the second focuses on the role that education can play in helping create a more just and equitable society. The emphasis in global education is therefore on both changing self and changing society for neither is possible without the other. In modern era of privatization students must be very capable of handling global pressure and also be able to be sustainable for future goals.

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