A Country’s Future depends upon Children

A Country’s Future depends upon Children

Children are the future citizens of the country. The future of the country depends upon the present children. If the children are not developed in a proper way, the country’s future will be ruined. This was rightly realized by our late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. So, he advised the people to stop observing his birthday on the 14th November and to observe this day as the children’s Day. Since 1956 the 14th November is every year, observed in India as the Children’s Day. On the Children’s day the neglecting people will get an opportunity to think of the future of their children. The whole society will think of its duty and responsibility towards the children. They will think of what have been done for the children in the year past and what should be done for them in the year coming. Because children are the future citizens of the country and the future of the country depends upon the present children. People will know that every individual in our society has a sacred duty towards the children.  “Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.” The parents also invited to the program of children. The leaders, who attend the celebration and gives some speeches on the children day, the most important thing is that; they give advice to the children to be a patriotic and follow the footstep of the Jawaharlal Nehru. Every child should inspire from the Nehru to deeds of bravery and sacrifice for the sake of their motherland. It is splendid speech of the leaders of children Every child of the India is the better future of the India. They should have the proper education and facilities for everything. It will be beneficial for the country, and also it will be developed. Apart from enjoying on this day, we should not forget that a huge population of our children is still stuck in child laboring, abusing, exploitation, discrimination, etc. We all should make some efforts for the betterment of these needy children. Government and NGOs are doing their best for the welfare of the orphanage children or downtrodden street children by introducing various schemes and laws regarding provide them the proper meal, education or shelter.   Children day is a very important day for the children. On this day, the every child gets toffees, chocolates, gifts by the people. They become triumphal to getting that. It is also necessary to that our government should make facility for that child; those do not have the proper education and service of anything like the poor children of our India.

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