Child Safety is More Than a Slogan

Child Safety is More Than a Slogan

The safety of children is potentially at risk from accidents and injuries as well as crime. Providing a safe environment, putting prevention measures into practice and teaching children methods of self-protection are all ways to reduce the potential for harm to children. In 2007, Former President of India, A man of all tenses, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had said “The rights of women and children and their aspirations are of paramount importance in our march towards an inclusive and equitable society. Despite the number of measures taken in the country, Indians hardly ever ask the Question – How safe is my child? Making life secure for children. In our nation, child abuse is highly misunderstood. Most parents fail to look beyond safety in of constant supervision. Child abuse may take many forms – from physical violence to sexual abuse, emotional neglect, discrimination to exploitation, the nation suffers from a deep seated awareness of the various forms of abuse and neglect the children suffer from.

Child Labour

Child Trafficking

Child Sex Abuse

Malnutritious and Disease Prevention

Female foeticide and Gender Discrimination

  The best interest is keeping children and young people safe from harm. This practice should start with the home and the school itself. Both should be aware of the important and complex balance between information sharing and information privacy, child safety involves many complex decisions about when, and the extent to which, sensitive information should be shared. At the second home, kids have the right to be protected wherever they are. The school shall create a caring, protection and safe environment for all children, to reduce their vulnerability in all situations and to keep them safe at school and public spaces. We should protect all children from all forms of violence and abuse, harm, neglect, stigma, discrimination or any other activity that takes undue advantage of them, harms their personhood or affects their development. Rather than above mentioned, Automobile safety, Road safety, Food safety, Internet safety and Fire safety etc. are also should be dealt with caution. To secure the rights of children who are deprived of parental care, the school shall endeavor to ensure family and community based care arrangements guaranteeing quality standards of care, protection and safety.

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