CBSE or State Board Which is Better For Future?

CBSE or State Board Which is Better For Future?

There are still a few dilemmas regarding parenthood that can affect a child's future, even if most of them no longer matter. Every individual should consider education as a matter of utmost importance, as it determines how far your child will progress in life. There is no way to underestimate the significance of education.

Choosing an educational board for their child is one of the biggest challenges for Indian parents. There are a lot of options and schools available around the country, so making a choice can be tough. 

There are a few leading candidates, including the Central Board of Secondary Education, the Indian School Certificate Examination, and the State board where the parents reside. There are several advantages to each, but this article compares CBSE vs.State Board on a general level.

States across the country have their own boards that are part of the common State boards net. State boards have a large network of schools and offer education at a basic level to students of all abilities. 

The State Boards usually teach a routinely-based curriculum, which includes state languages. Such schools are often preferred by civil servants. For parents who want to pay a low fee and also want to encourage their kids to take part in extracurricular activities, it is a good choice.

Cbse or State Board Which is Better:

●    Higher education: CBSE is a better option when developing a course for the future. It is more difficult to study for CBSE exams than for State exams. For Engineering and Medical, the entrance exams are based on the CBSE syllabus, so if your child wishes to study in a top institution such as IIT or AIIMS, CBSE is certainly the best way to go. 

CBSE schools mold children in such a way that they are prepared for college and difficult entrance exams. This might not be the right medium for students to choose for these tough exams, mainly because they tend to mug up rather than understand the crux of the concept. It will make the exams harder for students. 
●    Syllabus: Comparatively to the State Board, the CBSE syllabus is challenging. The advantage of studying in a CBSE school is that you will not have to worry about state board tests. As CBSE conducts IIT JEE and NEET, you will understand the basics necessary for cracking these exams.

However, each state has its own Education System for the State Board. The state board exams are difficult for students to pass. Rather than applying and using critical thinking, state board education emphasizes rote learning.

Studying science, maths, and application-based subjects is part of CBSE. CBSE uses English and Hindi as the medium of instruction. State Board topics tend to focus on regional languages, cultures, and matters applicable to the state. English and regional languages are the primary languages of the State Board.

●    Learning: In the concept of learning, CBSE encourages conceptual understanding, whereas the state boards focus on memorizing concepts. An examination system based on CBSE requires a student to understand the concept in order to answer the question. 

You must grasp and apply the concept to succeed on the state board. Whether a student actually understands the concept depends on the individual. A similar thought process is used to manifest the system.

●    Extra activities: It depends on the school what extracurricular activities are offered. These activities are mandatory in most CBSE schools. As a matter of fact, CBSE schools are far superior to any board in terms of these activities. 

However, state boards give no priority to these activities. Schools give priority to different activities. There are some schools that prioritize these activities and others that don't.

●    International Scope: Children from both boards are eligible to study abroad since many of them want to pursue higher education abroad. Conversely, students from CBSE boards will have a larger advantage in comparison with students from state boards since CBSE students have been studying English from the Nursery level & other third languages will be taught later on compared with state boards that focus more on English & regional subjects. CBSE boards prepare students to do well at the international level as well, regardless of the scope of their future.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CBSE Board:


●    The syllabus is widely followed in India and is therefore widely accepted.
●    Several important tests for higher education in India are linked to the CBSE syllabus as a result of its relevance and popularity.
●    Children studying CBSE will not struggle to learn, so it is perfect for families who travel throughout the country.


●    There are not many choices available to children for art subjects.
●    There are fewer places at in-state colleges for state syllabus students compared to state syllabus students.

Advantages and Disadvantages of State Board:


●    Compared to other costs, schooling is relatively inexpensive.
●    It offers students a very relevant curriculum.


●    Despite having a strong curriculum, many state board syllabuses use outdated teaching methods.
●    Schools that follow state-mandated curriculums have relatively poor teacher quality.
●    Having a large number of students enrolled in a school can make learning and flourishing difficult.

In conclusion, which board to choose depends on what your priorities are and what your life goals are. CBSE is the best choice if you are looking for engineering or medical courses. You might consider IGCSE or CISCE if your interests are more in science or commerce.

Choosing a good school, regardless of the board of education it belongs to, is equally important regardless of which board to choose after 10th grade. Choosing a school, parents should watch for differences between CBSE and state education boards.

Both boards have pros and cons when all factors are taken into account. Students and parents can jointly decide which Educational Board is appropriate when it comes to academic as well as personal development based on the positives and negatives associated with it.

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